It is important that we discover an educational method where people learn to learn and go on learning their whole lives 

 - Rudolf Steiner 

Waldorf schools are renowned for their integration of classic academics with world languages, art, music, handwork and movement taught by qualified specialists. Each day, students experience four specialty classes that extend and complement the core academic subjects taught in the morning by their main lesson teacher. For example, eurythmy classes in Grade Four might incorporate Norse attitudes and folklore, Grade Five might explore the Greek ideal of perfection in movement class, and handwork classes in Grade Three might include dyeing natural materials using plants grown during a farming block. The benefits of a fully integrated Waldorf learning experience through the incorporation of our specialty classes is time-tested, and there is plenty of science to illustrate how music and knitting alone develop sensory, perceptual and cognitive development in the brain. When students use their bodies and engage in “doing” in a practical and joyful manner, learning is enlivened and strengthened in the mind. 






Practical Arts




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