Study of a world language is an integral part of the curriculum in all Waldorf schools, and emphasizes a holistic approach, incorporating cultural aspects alongside linguistic skills. As our students study Spanish, they develop their ability to communicate as well as raise their social understanding. Students also become more aware of their mother tongue and cultivate an appreciation for language as a living expression of human experience. In the earlier grades, the teacher takes full advantage of the imitative abilities of the younger child to teach Spanish through gestures, songs, poems, stories and games. Later in the grades, oral conversation and recitation continues, but the work becomes more academic as students begin writing in Spanish and reading text. As skills grow, the teacher draws more attention to spelling and grammar rules and vocabulary connections. Songs, age-appropriate stories, dialogues, poetry, biographies and history are also incorporated into lessons with the goal of cultivating an openness, and fostering a well-rounded understanding of global cultures.


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