Mary Corcoran | Chickadees Preschool Teacher/ Childcare Director

Bonnie Andersen | Chickadees Preschool Assistant

Sarah Fox | Sweet Peas Preschool Teacher

  Sweet Peas Preschool Assistant 

Adrienne Doucette | Buttercup Preschool Teacher

Stina Olson | Buttercup Preschool Assistant, 1st & 2nd Grade Support Teacher

Therese Hubbell | Thimbleberry Kindergarten Teacher

Lindsay Cain | Thimbleberry Kindergarten Assistant

Fern Teed | Lavender Kindergarten Teacher

Suzie MacKay | Lavender Kindergarten Assistant

Olga Mellor | First Grade Teacher

Jamie Sanday | Second Grade Teacher - Board of Trustees

Dhyana Haynes | Third Grade Teacher

Alexandra Doumas | Fourth Grade Teacher

Joseph Steffen | Fifth Grade Teacher

Emma Zook | Sixth Grade Teacher

Jenny Bagne | Seventh Grade Teacher

Greg Zook | Eighth Grade Teacher

Kim Papritz | Handwork Teacher

Spanish Teacher 

RuthAnn Skowronek | Eurhythmy Teacher 

Heather Tiszai | Gardening &  Cyber Civics Teacher

Annie Tabor | Movement Teacher

Willie Robbins | Middle School PE Teacher

Ephraim Kurszewski | Band Teacher

Liza Beshara | 4th & 5th Grade Strings Teacher /Orchestra Teacher

Beth Beyers | Choir Teacher

Lorraine Earle | Accompanist Music Teacher

Tim Gebhard | Woodworking Teacher

Kathy Fraser| Administrative Director Executive Committee, Board of Trustees (Ex-officio)

Pedagogical Chair 

Becky Brownlie | Enrollment Coordinator/Outreach

Jenny Blythe | Front Office Manager

Jess Berry | Registrar/Data Management

 Advancement Coodinator 

Barbara Werner | Bookkeeper

Laurie Grey | ITI /Office Support

Jessica Kino | Lead Caretaker