Movement class is taught using Spatial Dynamics principles, which consist of spatially oriented exercises, hands-on techniques, and postural modification, as well as refined methods of movement observation, movement analysis, movement evaluation, and movement enhancement.  In the early grades imaginative games are introduced based on children’s developmental stages designed to foster physical confidence, social cooperation, spatial awareness, and healthy play.  These classes support the growing child in their balance, coordination, rhythm, and motor skills.  Games and activities are brought from around the world connecting the students with how children play across cultures.  As students mature, the focus shifts to individual skills, games requiring logical and critical thinking skills, and team building.  Competitive sports are also introduced. Students also learn skills needed to participate in several Waldorf school regional athletic events such as the Greek Games in fifth grade, the Global Games in sixth grade, and Track and Field meets in seventh and eighth grade.  At WHWS we believe that engaging in joyful movement with others is an essential component of living a full and balanced life.


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