When we give our time, money, and effort, but even more so, our willingness, we model in the world what it means to be in community. 

At Whatcom Hills, we are so fortunate to have a legacy of deeply generous parents and benefactors who have seen the results of a Waldorf education. Our children are taught in an artistic, loving, and humane way to think critically about a wide range of academic subjects, and as such, go on to reflect real care and compassion into the greater world. Together, our social giving is an affirmation of the sanctity of childhood, and the belief that education is an art form worth supporting. 

In 1986, Whatcom Hills was just an idea, but because of all the selfless giving past and present, we have been able to develop our campus, grow our programs, and steadily increase teacher salaries. As we look towards the future in imaginative ways, we invite you to support our teachers, our children, our campus, and our whole community. 

Like a ripple on a pond, your act of generosity will be felt in the future in powerful ways you may never know.

We greatly appreciate your donation and thank you for helping us to awaken the joy of learning for the children of Whatcom Hills Waldorf School.

Whatcom Hills Waldorf School parent Brian Rusk talks about his Capital Campaign idea (see link below) that helped add solar panels to the school in 2013.

When we plant a tree, we don’t plant it for ourselves but for our children  

- Rev. Mae “Mother” Wyatt


Parent Council    

One of the most important contributing bodies at the school is our vibrant and engaged Parent Council. If you would like to know more or get more deeply involved in helping your child's class and creating the magical festivals that set our school apart, please reach out to your class teacher. 

Board of Trustees 

Our Board of Trustees is one of the functioning branches responsible for the long term fiscal health of the school. Our trustees is made up of parents and community members who have a strong interest in supporting the financial health and well-being of the school.   


One of the most unique things about the Waldorf curriculum is the number of festivals that occur during the school year that mark important transitions in the seasons. This brings classes and community together in wonderful ways. Please plan on attending all the festivals throughout the year.

Campus Beautification  

Twice a year we have a day set aside where we can all work together as a community to help beautify our campus grounds. We are always looking for people who enjoy yard work, painting and doing repairs to help keep our school tended. Please mark your calendars and join us to meet old friends and make new ones. 

The Development Committee 

The Development  Committee creates plans for the Annual Giving Campaign and other important fundraising efforts. This committee offers many engaging opportunities for people with sales, marketing, fund raising, writing, illustrating, photography, organization, and interpersonal skills. 


Everyday Giving  

Our school relies on your generous donations to cover approximately 20% of our budget costs. Please keep an eye out for opportunities that may arise throughout the year.

Annual Giving Campaign 

This campaign takes place every year, usually in the fall. We strive for 100% participation, hoping that every family and staff member will donate to the campaign. When potential donors outside the school see that our community is doing all that it can, they are more likely to donate as well. 

No gift is too small or too large. Truly.

Capital Campaign  

Our school has had several capital campaigns in the past to grow our campus. The most recent endeavor was installing solar panels. Please click here for inspiration

Wreath sales  

Our annual wreath sale is one of our biggest and most successful fundraisers at our school. The wreaths are very high quality and sustainably handmade by a northwest family business. Our goal is to net approximately $20,000 each year.

Money raised goes towards our working budget and makes up for shortfalls that tuition alone can’t cover. It is easy to get involved as these lovely wreaths sell themselves, or if you would like to purchase, please contact us here at the beginning of October. In previous years, some families have sold over 80 wreaths!


Intellectual Skills 

There are many ways that you can volunteer at Whatcom Hills. We understand that time and talent equal money. We can always benefit from support in areas such as fundraising, PR, IT, web design, graphics or other development or advancement skills.

Hands-On Skills 

Are you able to build, garden, bake, landscape, repair, plumb, paint, understand electrics or have other valuable hands-on skills?  We are always looking for someone gifted in these areas and would love it if you would consider giving of your time. 

Creative Skills  

Are you able to photograph, write, sew, craft, sing, sculpt, knit/crochet, make fine art/graphic art, play an instrument, work in film/ advertising/ design? If so, let us help guide you to volunteer opportunities in our school.

Annual Gala Celebration & Benefit Auction 

The annual gala celebration and benefit auction is a major fundraising and social event for the parents, faculty, friends, and staff of our school. It provides a great opportunity to include friends and family outside the school community. We are excitedly planning for an in-person event this year!

Typically around 150-200 people attend this festive occasion which always has a fun theme and is held off campus. It is usually scheduled in the spring, and typically includes a sit-down dinner and after-dinner dancing. This event is made possible by everyone working together with the support of our generous sponsors. If you would like to be involved, or sponsor our event please let us know, and if you would like to attend, tickets can be found here in the spring. 

Where your money goes to help support our school 

Your generous support enables us: 

  • close the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses.
  • recruit and retain talented and dedicated Waldorf teachers.
  • provide financial assistance to families in need. 
  • offer a full Waldorf Education from Parent & Child classes through Eighth Grade.

As with all independent schools, we rely on donations to cover the real cost of educating our students, as tuition only covers about 85% of our annual operating expenses.

Whatcom Hills Waldorf School is a Section 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations and contributions are tax deductible. 
Tax ID#: 91-1352757 

Our Featured Sponsors  

Those that have gone above and beyond either monetarily or time wise

Special thanks to Kevin Hulett & extended community for their contributions of photos to our website.

No one has ever become poor by giving

Anne Frank