No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted 


The Parent Council, fondly referred to as our school’s “mantle of warmth”,  is composed of two parent representatives from each class and up to two members from the Collegium. Its purpose is to inspire, inform, and organize the parent community and to enhance the school’s social life through communication and involvement. The Parent Council is an essential voice in the school, representing the needs of the families to the Board and the Collegium, and providing communication among these two groups and parents. The Parent Council’s mandate centers on coordinating and promoting the festival life of the school, but it also supports the teachers and families in organizing social events and projects. The Parent Council meetings occur on a regular basis throughout the school year, are guided by a chair and a co-chair, and are open to all parents. 

“Is your favorite festival Michaelmas, Winter Spiral, Winter Faire or May Faire? Perhaps you love Grandparents Day or the annual Gala Auction? These events are what create community; they are an opportunity to work with other parents, and create memories for generations. It’s the parents and caregivers in our community who work together to make the magic happen for all of us. These are the traditions that anchor our hearts in place, and connect us to each other. Years from now, we’ll be saying, “Remember when we built Gnome Village? It was so magical!”;  or, “Remember when we made 360 tiny felt balls in kindergarten for our auction project? We laughed so hard!”;  or,  “Remember that time we chaperoned 22 squirrelly third graders at Plough Days and it was so windy we almost landed in Kansas?  “Yup, me too!”  Those were the days life-long friendships were forged and we built our community together.”

Former Parent Council Chair, Holly Roger