Weekly woodwork class begins in Fifth Grade and meets in our beautiful applied arts studio. Students first learn to complete simple shapes using fundamental tools including the handsaw, chisel, gouge, rasp and sandpaper. With these tools students learn to shape, smooth and polish wood. The underlying goal of woodwork class is to teach students patience, perseverance and to take pride in their work. Lessons from other disciplines are reinforced through woodworking. After learning about concave and convex surfaces in geometry, the students are challenged to chisel a serving spoon or bowl. Designs become increasingly difficult as the grades progress. Students acquire various joint techniques including the dovetail joint. All tools are hand tools (no power tools are used). 

Instead of a long running and bloody battle with nature, to dominate her, we can walk in step with a tree to release the joy in her grains, to join with her to realize her potentials to enhance the environments of man

-George Nakashima


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