Whatcom Hills Blog

  1. 8th Grade Challenge Week

    2022-11-01 19:03:38 UTC
    Grade 8 Challenge Week From Emma Zook, Grade 8 Teacher: Each fall, our 8th Graders spend four days backpacking, hiking, and rock climbing as a way to start their final WHWS year together. Last Tuesday, this year’s class adventured up onto the southern flanks of Mount Baker, camping at the…

  2. Michaelmas Gratitude

    2022-11-01 19:00:15 UTC
    The festive spirit generated by last month’s Michaelmas events is still lingering in the air here at WHWS. Long before families arrived for the evening’s festivities, our incredible Parent Council and many volunteers came together to plan the event, decorate the school grounds, and to offer activities to our students…

  3. Life in Grade 3!

    2022-11-01 18:56:38 UTC
    Life is Full in Grade 3! Our students are busy with practical work and activities brought to life through the Waldorf third grade curriculum.  In Mrs. Mellor’s classroom, Fridays are project days. If you were to walk in, you would find parent helpers and students engaged in cooking and building…

  4. Grade 4 Fieldtrip

    2022-11-01 18:52:44 UTC
    Grade 4 Field Trip We went to the Whatcom Museum’s ”People of Sea and Cedar Exhibit”* on October 13th. This was the class of 2027’s first field trip to a public place! The students learned some of our local indigenous history and heard stories from the Lummi during our recent…

  5. 6th Grade Backpacking

    2022-11-01 18:48:39 UTC
    Grade 6 set out on their backpacking trip to Excelsior Pass September 26th-27th, along with parent chaperones.  Class Teacher Rachel Howard shared a few moments she felt were highlights of their journey:  “In the evening, we all walked up to Excelsior Peak, and the sun was just starting to set.

  6. DIY Frozen Suncatchers!

    2021-03-03 21:26:00 UTC
    Looking for a fun activity during the chilly weather? These beautiful frozen suncatchers are simple to make, and come together with just a few home tools & natural treasures from your yard or woods. Try adding birdseed and see who flies in for a treat! What You’ll Need: WaterContainer to…

  7. Black Lives Matter in Waldorf Early Childhood

    2021-02-13 00:15:00 UTC
    Before midwinter break, our Early Childhood teachers attended a wonderful conference by the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America, entitled: TOWARD A KINDER, MORE COMPASSIONATE SOCIETY: Black Lives Matter in ​​Waldorf Early Childhood Classrooms and Communities. The theme was especially relevant in light of events of the past year,…

  8. Cursive Writing

    2021-02-11 19:50:00 UTC
    Latest Research on Cursive Handwriting! A study, by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, looked at brain scans of young adults and 12-year-olds as they were writing in cursive by hand, typewriting, or drawing. Scientists found that cursive writing and drawing activated brain areas important for memory and the…

  9. Black History Month

    2021-02-10 20:59:00 UTC
    Black History Month is every month! Books & reading are a great way to continue (or start!) important dialogue about racial equality and civil rights. Black History Month presents a wonderful opportunity to teach your children (and yourself!) about the incredible accomplishments of Black people in America and abroad. Here’s…

  10. Celebrating Michelmas!

    2021-01-07 22:50:23 UTC
    Dear friends,  As we look to the year ahead, we are reminded of the essence of the Michaelmas festival, which asks us to draw on our inner strength as individuals and as a school. Since we cannot celebrate together this year, we hope you will enjoy this collection of stories,…