Whatcom Hills Blog

  1. Annual Giving & Yearly Report 2020

    2021-01-07 21:45:39 UTC
    Our 2019-20 school year began with a flurry of happy faces sharing stories from a long, lovely summer full of adventures. It was just the spark we needed to start the fire that fueled our busy fall and winter festival life. We rode this wave all the way into March…

  2. Winter Faire

    2021-01-07 21:38:27 UTC
    Welcome to Winter Faire! Although this year’s celebration has a much different look and feel, it has been made with the same love as always. We hope you enjoy this collection of festival favorites like crafts, recipes from the Wooden Spoon Cafe, a visit to the Snow Queen, local artisans…

  3. Celebrating Martinmas

    2021-01-07 21:31:27 UTC
    Although we couldn’t be together to celebrate Martinmas this year, the beauty & reverence of this beloved festival lives on in this special online version. We hope you’ll enjoy this collection of Martinmas favorites, like lantern making, song, and more! Click here to read!

  4. It’s a Gift…to be Simple

    2020-09-01 16:28:26 UTC
    Chickadees enjoying their crackling campfire Recently, I was thinking fondly about our school gatherings and how we traditionally end our assemblies with the song Simple Gifts. It’s a great American folk song of Shaker origin that has been widely sung in concert halls, schools, colleges, churches, folk clubs and even…

  5. Play is Good For You!

    2020-08-24 03:15:49 UTC
    Feeling free Cats do it, dogs do it, squirrels do it, even octopuses do it…and so do we…play!  Besides improving health, lowering stress and just being plain fun, researchers now believe that play is hardwired deep in our brains and that it has a fundamental role in how we learn…

  6. The Promise of Youth

    2020-08-17 03:14:35 UTC
     Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth who care for and protect our people.  -Nelson Mandela WHWS Third Graders cleaning & felting wool together In…

  7. Finding Rhythm

    2020-08-09 23:54:05 UTC
    “Everything has rhythm. Everything dances.” ~ Maya Angelou A quiet moment at Whatcom Falls. In this time of COVID, where everything seems so upended, I have been thinking a lot about the grounding qualities of rhythm for our children and for ourselves. The grace of universal rhythms is expressed in…

  8. Finding Community

    2020-08-01 01:06:53 UTC
    Sweet moments together during the 2019-20 school year at Whatcom Hills Yesterday was International Friendship Day which made me think of how important connection is, especially during these strange and challenging times. Things that we took for granted like going out to dinner with a friend,  hugging an aging parent,…

  9. Welcome to Our New Website

    2020-07-15 17:12:00 UTC
    When our school closed in March due to COVID-19 and we realized that our website would become much more critical with outreach, we decided to create a new site with the help of Alumnus, Dougal Brownlie (aka my son…who I co-opted!) In the past, our WHWS website was graciously created…

  10. WHWS 8th Grade Class of 2020 Graduation

    2020-06-14 01:30:00 UTC
    On Saturday June 13, 2020 Whatcom Hills Waldorf School had 14 eighth grade graduates take part in an unconventional ceremony. It was a heartfelt day in which students and their families took part in a car parade to celebrate their final day as students, and their first as alumni of…