Life in Grade 3!

Life is Full in Grade 3!

Our students are busy with practical work and activities brought to life through the Waldorf third grade curriculum.  In Mrs. Mellor’s classroom, Fridays are project days. If you were to walk in, you would find parent helpers and students engaged in cooking and building projects, including making apple crisp,  applesauce (which they are also doing in Gardening class), and building the Sukkah. Now, Grade 3 is looking forward to building some stilts that will be used by their class, and shared with the rest of the school.

The third graders joyfully celebrated the Hebrew festival of Sukkot—which took place from sundown on Sunday, October 9th, through sundown on Sunday, October 16th. Grade 3 built their Sukkah in the school forest area with the help of some wonderful class parents. Our Chickadees preschool teacher, Jahna Stumpf, provided beautiful flowers and sunflower stalks for decorating. For two days, the children enjoyed sitting inside the Sukkah and eating their lunches!

Recently, the class traveled to Sunfield Waldorf School & Farm, in Port Townsend, to attend Plough Days, Grade 3’s annual class overnight fieldtrip. 

Having been on hold for the past few years, the return of this regional event was eagerly anticipated and well attended, with eight local schools represented. During the event the children participated in many different farm chores and activities, including plowing with a team of horses, working with sheep’s wool, grinding oats into oatmeal, shelling beans, feeding cows, brushing goats, and holding chicks and ducks.