DIY Frozen Suncatchers!

Looking for a fun activity during the chilly weather?

These beautiful frozen suncatchers are simple to make, and come together with just a few home tools & natural treasures from your yard or woods. Try adding birdseed and see who flies in for a treat!

What You’ll Need:

  • Water
  • Container to freeze your suncatcher in (aluminum pie plate, plastic food storage container, etc)
  • Nature treasures (twigs, leaves, pinecones, berries, flowers, seeds)
  • Twine, yarn, or ribbon (to hang your suncatcher)
  • Freezer space or freezing temperatures

What To Do:

  • Collect your nature treasures, and arrange them in the bottom of your container.
  • Fill with water about an inch deep; you may need to rearrange your items if they shifted around!
  • Place a length of your twine into the water, leaving enough out to hang your suncatcher*
  • Leave your container outside overnight, or pop it into the freezer if it’s not cold enough.
  • Once the disk is frozen, pry your ice ornament out of the container, and hang in a spot where you can enjoy it sparkling in the sun!
  • *You can also use a drill to make hanging holes (not too close to the edge!) once the disk is frozen

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