Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much 

– Helen Keller

Our solar panels capital campaign began with a motivated community member, Brian Rusk. Brian had recently put solar panels on his house and was motivated to have the school follow suit. Brian approached our Parent Council to let them know about the costs, payback loans (6 year payback) and rebates around solar panels. He also talked about lowering our annual electricity bill, and being a role model for environmental awareness. The Parent Council directed him to our Board where he pitched his idea. From these humble beginnings, the Capital Campaign began. 

The community ask was rolled into our Annual Giving Campaign (renamed the 'Solar Panel Annual Giving Campaign') and through this focused directive, the community raised $100,000. The campaign also developed a Kickstarter initiative that included a two minute video showcasing the school. It brought in external funds (~$4,000) from others states and a few international countries.  This campaign ended up being the highest fundraising year at the time.  The Sun-Funders were a group of people that gave over a $1,000 towards this initiative and were instrumental in bringing this inspired idea to life.  For the past six years the school has received an annual $5,000 rebate and saved 25% on electricity bills yearly. Our school has gone on to inspire other Waldorf schools to use this model. 

All great things begin with an idea. When we work together anything is possible. 

Thank you to our generous 'Sun-Funders':