COVID-19 Response and Information

At WHWS we understand and share the concerns of our community in regards to the COVID-19 virus. In response, we have implemented a number of healthcare measures in cooperation with local, state and federal health officials as well as medical professionals within our community.

Please see our latest important Community Update which outlines what will be required for in-person learning, including:

  • All Health & Safety Requirements (masks, screening, distancing, drop-off, etc.)

See previous updates in the Newsletter section that include information about:  

  • Providing a Quality Waldorf Education (including Distance Learning, Supported Homeschool Option)
  • Preparing the Campus (necessary remodeling to accommodate state mandates around Health & Safety)

Below, you will find a wealth of information regarding our safety protocols along with supporting resources to help our community.


A Verse for Our Time

We must eradicate from the soul
All fear and terror of what comes towards man out of the future.

We must acquire serenity
In all feelings and sensations about the future.

We must look forward with absolute equanimity
To everything that may come.

And we must think only that whatever comes
Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure trust,
Without any security in existence.

Trust in the ever present help 
Of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do
If our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves
Every morning and every evening.

            Rudolf Steiner