Reopening Task Force

We recognize that living with uncertainty can be stressful, yet we all need to consider raising our tolerance level for uncertainty to be able to weather this unprecedented time with as much grace, and health, as possible.

The Reopening Task Force initiated by our Board of Trustees has been working diligently on different scenarios and plans for the re-opening of school throughout the summer and continue this work for as long as is necessary. The focus of this work is to ensure that all aspects of school operation are in accordance with public health mandates and guidelines.

Please see our latest very important Community Update which outlines what will be needed for the start of school including:

  • All Health & Safety Requirements for Starting School (masks, temperature taking, distancing, drop off): 

See previous updates that include information about:  

  • Providing a Quality Waldorf Education (including Distance Learning, Supported Homeschool Option)
  • Preparing the Campus (necessary remodeling to accommodate state mandates around Health & Safety)

Committee members are accessing and utilizing a wide variety of resources, including but not limited to our local, state and federal guidelines, recommendations from the CDC, and information provided by regional and national private and public school organizations. AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) has been an incredible resource, and will continue to be throughout the summer.

We promise to keep you updated as our plans progress, and you can expect regular communication from us. In the meantime, we thank you wholeheartedly for your continued commitment to our school, and sincerely look forward to the joyful presence of your children on our campus again.

In community,

Emma Zook ( Pedagogical Committee) , Tom Cahill (Board of Trustees ) & Kathy Fraser (Administrator)


A Verse for Our Time

We must eradicate from the soul
All fear and terror of what comes towards man out of the future.

We must acquire serenity
In all feelings and sensations about the future.

We must look forward with absolute equanimity
To everything that may come.

And we must think only that whatever comes
Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure trust,
Without any security in existence.

Trust in the ever present help 
Of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do
If our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves
Every morning and every evening.

            Rudolf Steiner