Becky Brownlie | Enrollment/Outreach Coordinator  

I was raised in a military family and traveled widely. While living in South Africa, I got my college degree in Botany at the University of Cape Town. In 1985 I was introduced to Waldorf education through a good friend of mine who was raised in an anthroposophical household. When she and I were pregnant with our first borns, I attended a parent child class at the Cape Town Waldorf School and knew then that it was the right choice for my family. I have since moved to Bellingham, had three sons, and have been an active member of the Whatcom Hills community since 1998.

I've been involved as a parent volunteer, been a weekly handwork assistant  in all of my sons' classes, sat on our Parent Council twice, been on the Board of Trustees and now to my delight, work with our school administration in admissions and outreach.

I am a lover of good food, family, nature, expressions of creative beauty, interesting people, places and pups... And of course, WHWS!

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